Pastors & Staff

Mike Nasci

Senior Pastor

Mike was born and raised in NM.  He had very little exposure to Jesus but was introduced to new age spirituality at a young age by a family friend. By the time he was in college he was a drug addicted, violent, angry, guy who hated Jesus, the Bible, Christians, and Christianity. By Easter 2000 he had tried everything from Buddhism to Wicca Witchcraft in his search for answers and that's where Jesus met him. He gave his life to Christ that day and the Lord spent the next several years healing him and renewing his mind. In September 2009 he answered the Lord's call to pastor Calvary Chapel Estancia Valley where he is currently committed to passionately teaching the Bible and reaching the lost for Christ.

Steve Orton

Assistant Pastor

Steve Orton is an Assistant (or better yet assisting) Pastor at Calvary Chapel Estancia Valley. He and his amazing wife Alix have two children who still reside in New Mexico, Joshua and Hannah. Steve came to Jesus at a very early age, his Father Hank was a missionary with Artic Missions in Canada and was instrumental in showing Steve what Jesus did for him. While a teen and early adult, Steve wandered and was a bit of a prodigal but God kept his hand on him and led him gently back into full time service over most of his adult life. Today Steve is fully committed to serving the Lord in his local church, loving on the family of believers at CCEV, working with Kids Ministry and the operations piece of Calvary Chapel Estancia Valley, plus finding new ways to support and sustain his fellow Pastors.

Chis Reynaga

Youth Pastor

Cris is a native of Moriarty. He loves Jesus and his family. Cris has a passion for critical thinking when looking at the Scriptures and a love for apologetics. He is also a pretty great musician who loves to worship Jesus. 

Willie Torrez

Assistant Pastor

Willie is the kind of guy that everyone is surprised and relived to find out that he became a Christian. He is a living example of the grace of God towards sinners. Willie serves in kid's church, men's ministry, evangelism, and just about anything else he is asked to do.